How to Eliminate Animal-Caused Outages in Electric Substations

With much attention today on hot industry topics — from major storm resilience to cyber threats — it is easy to overlook a seemingly less menacing threat to the electric grid, one that is preventable and represents up to 20 percent of all outages caused by animal contact. Why is it difficult to focus on eliminating animal-caused outages? Animals cause electric power outages when they bridge energized equipment, resulting in a short circuit — and it is not due to a lack of knowledge that these outages occur as frequently as they do. Recently, utilities have increased their focus on drivers of reliable power supply because the impact of outages today can exceed millions of dollars of damages both to customers and to their own facilities.

Animal-Outage Impact Scale


Outages Distributed Map- Caused By Animals

This map lists all unclassified Cyber Squirrel Operations that have been released to the public that has been confirmed by There are many more executed ops than displayed here. This should be mention that these data are just around power plant industry and there is no public data for other industries.

The Solution ? Smart Co-existence to keep animals and human safe

We –as a high tech company- make solution by Artificial Intelligence which can solve the problems and hazards in industry that humans and animals create for each other.
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