Highlighted impacts of human-wildlife conflicts

Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) results from a variety of environmental and human drivers that make pressures on landscapes where humans and wildlife share space. Environmental drivers include seasonal changes, natural calamities, animals’ life cycles and etc. Human drivers, such as habitat loss, changes in land use, livestock management, expansion of agricultural practices, climate change, resource extraction, infrastructure development, urbanization and others.

1- Crop Damage
Rodents’ damage crops early in the morning and evening when people are absent near farmlands. Human and wildlife have been in conflict because farming crops generally offer a rich food source for wildlife as well as for people. Large wild herbivores compete for fallow resources with livestock and can act as reservoirs of livestock diseases. The researchers claimed that Wheat (30%) and barley (24%) was the most vulnerable crop to raiders.

2- Habitat disturbance
Habitat disturbance is destruction of the home of the wild animals. Humans kill or chase wild animals by digging, cutting, sealing by stones and smoking their natural habitat. In addition to this, tree cutting was mainly associated with new settlement, which has resulted deterioration of the remaining vegetation cover of the area. This minimizes the feeding ground, nesting and mating site of the wild animals so you have to be happened conflict between human and wild animal.

3- Livestock depredation
People and predators have tenuously coexisted for millennia, but over recent decades the level of conflict has increased due to rising human populations and changes in human activities. Large carnivores are typically no longer tolerated by humans as they frequently kill livestock and occasionally kill people.

4- Industrial disasters
One of the top issue in industry is that animals cause electric power outages when they bridge energized equipment, resulting in a short circuit and it is not due to a lack of knowledge that these outages occur as frequently as they do. Recently, utilities have increased their focus on drivers of reliable power supply because the impact of outages today can exceed millions of dollars.


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