The Process Of working with us

1. Submit Your Request

Click here to submit your identification, problem & location to inform us about your situation. We will call you back soon.

2. Free Consultant

Our customer service representatives will reach out to clarify further details. You will learn more about the unique solution for your problem.

3. Site Visiting

Our risk management team and product management team will visit the area to identify risks.

4. Study Phase

If you have an accurate analyze about risk elements and animal types which you are suffering from, so we can skip this step. If not, our build-up team in cooperation with your team will do risk assessment on behalf of you. It will take from one month to 3 months.

5. Requirements

All we need from your side is access to surveillance camera footage. These cameras will send data to our servers for animal recognition and further analysis.

6. Finalizing the Cost of The Project

Cost factors include:

1. Number of Animal types in the area
2. Animal species and size
3. Sie of risk area (acres)
4. Time spent on study phase

7. Sign the Contract

This is an annual service base contract.

8. Sit Back and Relax

Once the job is entrusted to us, you will no longer have to worry about the presence of animals in your work environment. From now on, you can see the details of environmental events and risks taken by this intelligent system through monthly reports.