Frequently Asked Questions

We take on any human-animal conflict. Whether animals are struggling from human presence, or vice versa, we have you covered.

  • Wildlife Strikes at airport
  • Power Outages and shutdowns caused by animals
  • Crop damage caused by animals
  • Wild animal attacks on pets and livestock
  • Animal deaths in polluted area such as refineries
  • Have you experienced a different form of human-animal conflict? Report  here
The surveillance camera installed in the area captures still images each second. Our Artificial Intelligence machine receives and processes the image and identifies both the animal and the risk associated. We then run a deterrent tool to safely escort the animal off the premises. For more details, check here.

We are working on recognition of all species. Our R&D team is always updating our species recognition list.

  • Let us know which types of animals are causing issues for you
  • Identify risk areas
  • Provide a surveillance camera
Don’t worry, we will do the study phase on behalf of you and make the specialized report. See work process

No. This is a cloud base system and all infrastructures are on our side. You just need to provide cameras.

Yes. If they can connect to the internet (IP Camera) and have acceptable resolution (depends on the size of animal), we can use it in the project. Our experts will tell you after site visit.  See work process

Yes. You will have access to instant data, such as which animals are in your area, their time of arrival and their paths.

Absolutely, yes! Our professional security team works to protect your data. We will also sign an NDA with you.

Yes. It depends on initial feeding data which is required in study phase. if these data (Animal types & risk area) will provide by you and would not accurate, the output could not be 100 percent but if it will provide by us we will guarantee the result.

No, we are on the same page with animal and environmental regulations.

No. Normally and in traditional methods, the deterrent tools are doing their jobs continuously and without considering the type of animal, so the animal could adapt with the situation but our smart system could make decision regarding to situation and types of animal.

We will charge you annually.

  • Number of animal types you suffer from
  • Animal species and size
  • Size of Risk Area (acres)

You are required to provide both a surveillance camera and initial data for study.

Not necessarily. The amount of one animal type in an area does not affect prices. However, the number of animal types in an area does impact price. Contact us for further inquiry.

Yes! By cutting down on animal disasters in your area, our solution will save you money.

Yes, this is possible. The total cost will be provided in a proposal and will be negotiable.