We Have Solved Human-Animal Conflicts

We have created an AI-based solution for industries in which animal existence is a potential threat for their businesses. Our solution is in line with environmental and animal regulations.
About Us
our main goal is to keep animal and industry safe together !

What makes our solution unique?

We use Artificial Intelligence to prevent hazards that humans and animals create for each other. Via our technology (Machine Learning Platform), we have an automated 24/7 monitoring and decision-making system with the goal of not only minimizing the harm to the facilities caused by animals, but also of surviving animals at risk of extreme contamination or death.

Some human-animal conflicts

Which Problem is yours?

What we do

what we do to protect animals and industries

1. Capturing Video 24/7

We capture video at 30 frames per second. Each frame is processed and analyzed by our cloud base servers.

2. Processing Data

Our Machine Learning algorithms detect all potential risk-causing objects. This may include animals, infrastructures, and more. Through processing data, all risks are identified and analyzed.

3. Decision Making

Our solution chooses the appropriate deterrent tool based on the level of risk, animal type, government regulations, and more.

4. Action (Make Away)

The deterrent tool will be implemented in a manner that is safe to both the animal and the surrounding infrastructure.

why us?
Our risk reduction system is informative and measurable!
  1. Our system keeps accurate record of all activity related to wildlife hazard management.
  2. The root causes of your wildlife hazards are identified in monthly reports.
  3. Our system reduces liability issues for risk managers.
  4. You can expect an estimated 5% increase on Return on Investment.
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