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The enactment of the Food Safety Management act(FSMA) has presented challenges for all stakeholders(Pest Management Professional [PMP], Food Safety Manager [FSM], Auditor) involved in establishing and maintaining pest free-conditions.
Given that the Act now requires that action must be taken proactively before pest activity rather than reactively after pest activity has been discovered, requires an accurate and smart system.


Trap checking is not pest management

Food manufacturing environments are complex and provide suitable resources for pests to gain entry, find shelter and reproduce. Historically, PMPs have fallen into the routine of checking and coding rodent traps that are placed at regular intervals throughout the facility. This practice is so time consuming that the PMP rarely has time to inspect, record and address other pest conducive conditions or activity that may exist.
Fortunately, new technology developed to create remote rodent monitoring systems can support the detection and create a database where stakeholders can mediate risk before an infestation can grow unchecked.

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